Divorce Coaching/Divorce Consulting Attorneys (aka Unbundled Legal Services)

I probably have 200 plus cable channels that I pay for, but I only watch a handful.  It would be great if I could just pay for the ones I want, instead of paying for the ones I don't want, and that I will probably never use.  The cable companies haven’t come around to letting us do that, but there is a shift in legal services that is offering the option to pick the legal services you want, rather than retaining, and paying for an attorney to represent you through an entire case when you only need her for parts of your case.  In the area of family law, divorce coaching, also known as divorce consulting, is the solution for the self represented person who wants to handle their divorce on their own, but needs additional assistance in certain areas without retaining an attorney.  By turning to the divorce coach they can get as little or as much assistance as they want.  

Examples of the areas that a consulting attorney can help you with during your divorce are:

  • Drafting the papers to start the divorce
  • Drafting, helping to complete, and ,or, reviewing forms and documents needed during divorce
  • Answering questions as they arise 

An attorney who act as your attorney coach/consultant will after meeting with you specify the areas of assistance, likely outlined in writing, the areas that will and will not be covered by his services.

A divorce is a very personal matter and its understandable that you would want to undertake it on your own.  It can also be expensive and complex.  By using a divorce coach when and where you need it during your divorce, your can offset those costs, and overcome the complexity of the divorce process while maintaining control of the process by handling most of it your self.  

Success Mediation specializes is providing divorce coaching and consulting services to the self represented person.  Unbundled legal services are also provided for other family law matters including custody and visitation cases, child support, and modifications and contempt filings of current court orders.  Call Now to discuss how we can help you.