Divorce Mediation 101

There are several ways to go about getting a divorce.  It used to be that you had to each hire an attorney and battle it out in court.  Other alternative divorce methods have been introduces such as collaborative divorce and mediation.  And of course there is DIY divorce where you and your spouse go it alone.  I’ve probably talked about this before but I think it’s important to revisit because even though mediation in divorce is becoming more widespread there is still some misinformation about what mediation is, how its applied for divorce cases, and what's the role of the mediator.

 Mediation is known as assisted negotiations, or as I like to define it as assisted problem solving.  Applied to divorce, mediation helps couple resolve all disputed issues that come up during a divorce (child support, custody of children, visitation, alimony, property division and debt division).  Mediation is also useful in resolving issues after the divorce has been finalized such as modifications to the agreement that arise as life happens, and issues that come up when one party has not followed the orders that where entered at the time of divorce.

The mediator’s role is to be a neutral third party, who assists the couple in identifying the issues that need to be resolved, and then helping them come up with solutions to those issues.   Neutral (think Switzerland) meaning he does not work for or against any party’s interest. 

This is all done in private mediation sessions between the mediator and the couple.  Each session is usually 90 minutest to 2 hours long.  The number of sessions needed to complete the mediation depends on the parties and the issues involved.  Divorce mediation can be done in as little a three, but it usually requires 4 or more sessions.  

The end product is a separation agreement.  The mediator will draft your agreement, and review it with the parties, before it is signed.  The final steps are preparing for the final hearing and contacting the court to schedule the final hearing.

Key things to remember about divorce mediationare it's private.  It’s voluntary.  It's quicker and less expensive than a both of you hiring attorneys for the  divorce.

 At the Law Office of N. Gladstone Brown weare attorney mediators who can assist you in every area of your divorce.  We believe that a mediated agreement between the parties is in everybody's best interest and makes for a better life for everyone after the divorce has been finalized compared to litigation.  Want to learn more about divorce mediation, our firm, or how my newest hobby learning to play golf is going?  Then reach out to us by phone, email or visiting our website.  




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